“Providing the highest standards of hearing care expertise to the local community, offering both a professional and personal service”.

Halo Hearing Solutions is a family-run business that offers only the highest quality service and technical expertise. We fully understand how important your sense of hearing is and how even a relatively minor hearing loss can impact upon our work, social and family lives.

Everyone we meet is on their own personal journey, so for Halo Hearing Solutions it is fundamental that we understand how sensitive and emotional hearing loss can be. This is key to how we look after each and every client we see.

For Halo Hearing solutions, this is essential to ensure we can give you the best possible hearing that each and every client deserves.

Whether that is achieved through hearing instruments, wax removal, hearing protection or just a chat about how you can get the best out of your own hearing, then Halo Hearing Solutions can and WILL help you achieve your goals.

Meet The Team

Halo Hearing Solutions was launched by Ray and Julia Mead in January 2017 with the opening of the Halo Berkhamsted Clinic located in Lower Kings Road. The aim was to provide a local, family-run hearing care centre for Berkhamsted and the surrounding areas offering hearing assessments, hearing aids, ear wax removal and general ear care services. After three very successful years Ray and Julia decided to expand the business early in 2020 with the opening of a second clinic, this time in Bovingdon, Hertfordshire. Around the same time, Warren (Ray’s brother) joined the business to help Ray and Julia in the day to day running and to add to the already expanding team of hearing care specialists.

Halo HS - Ray Mead

Ray Mead

Ray is a fully qualified hearing aid audiologist, registered with the Health and Care Professions council (HCPC). He studied at the prestigious Mary Hare School for the deaf and worked for a leading private hearing company. Ray spent many years building an excellent reputation for his technical skills and patient care, before opening Halo Hearing Solutions. Ray is a member of the British Society of Hearing Aid audiologist (BSHAA) and has completed a course for ear wax removal at The Rotherham Primary Ear Care and Audiology services centre within the NHS in Rotherham.

Julia Mead

Prior to setting up Halo Hearing Solutions, Julia was a qualified bookkeeper. She runs the ‘behind-the-scenes’ operations including marketing, accounts, customer queries etc. at Halo Hearing Solutions. Julia is also a trained Hearing Care Assistant so can help with hearing aid issues, ear wax removal and general ear care.

Warren Dean

Warren is Ray’s brother and works closely with Ray & Julia in all aspects of the business. He is also fully trained as a clinical ear care specialist and can help with most aspects of general hearing health care, which includes hearing tests & hearing aid maintenance. He is also a fully trained ear wax removal specialist, and is qualified to perform microsuction, dry wax removal and irrigation.

Elise Dean

Our friendly receptionist in Berkhamsted, Elise, is Ray and Julia’s niece and Warren’s daughter. Elise has worked for Halo since 2019 and runs the ‘front of house’ and ensures that our appointment system runs smoothly and is able to help you with any initial questions or concerns you may have prior to your appointment.Since joining the team Elise has continued to add to her qualifications and is now a fully qualified Hearing Care Assistant and Wax Removal Specialist.

Adam Johnson

Having previously worked for a leading hearing aid manufacturer, Adam brought a wealth of experience with him when he joined the Halo team in 2019. There’s really nothing Adam doesn’t know about hearing aids and he is now offering hearing assessments, hearing aid fittings, servicing as well as ear wax removal and general ear care services in all of our clinics. As if it wasn’t enough working full time, Adam also completed his Audiology Degree at Anglia Ruskin University achieving a Distinction.

halo hs - katie telford

Katie Telford

Katie joined the Halo team in 2021 having been a customer (and friend) for many years. Katie is a hearing aid wearer herself having had a hearing loss since childhood so has a first-hand understanding and compassion for those with a loss. Katie is a qualified Hearing care assistant and is able to offer hearing aftercare and servicing as well as ear wax removal. Katie is studying for a degree to qualify as a Hearing Aid Audiologist to further strengthen the Halo team.

HaloHS - Lynette

Lynette Blake

Lynette has been a family friend for over 30 years and after 27 years working with young children, she decided to join the business.  Lynette brings her warm approach and friendly attitude to Halo.  She is mainly working front of house in Bovingdon.

HaloHS - Annita

Anita Larkin

Anita has worked within the NHS for over 25 years most recently in a local GP surgery where she has been for the past 14 years. Anita joined Halo in 2017 and now works every Friday offering ear wax removal from both our Berkhamsted and Bovingdon clinics. Anita is qualified in both micro suction and irrigation although microsuction is her preferred practice where possible. Anita has a lovely, friendly way about her that really puts our customers at ease.

Tania Dean

Tania, who is Elise’s mum, has a background in customer services and social care. Her last role was as PA to the Director of a large charity and she brings her organisational skills and warm personality to Halo. Tania will often be the friendly voice on the end of the phone and covers reception duties in Berkhamsted and Bovingdon.

HaloHS - Stacey Archbold

Stacey Archbold

Stacey joined the Halo team in 2023 having spent the previous 18 years in teaching. Although initially on reception duties, Stacey quickly showed a desire to expand her role and is now a qualified Hearing Care Assistant and Wax Removal Specialist . Stacey is available for hearing aid service and after care appointments as well as ear wax removal. Stacey has a very warm and friendly personality and is an asset to the team.