It is natural to have wax in ears, in-fact we need some to keep the ears healthy, lubricating the skin and preventing dust and bacteria from entering. In most cases wax will leave the ear naturally, however, sometimes this doesn’t occur leading to a build-up of ear wax, which may lead to;

•Discomfort or pain

•Impaired hearing, ear pain or dizziness

• Itchiness in the ears or ear canal

• Plugged or full sensation, or pressure in the ear

• Mild tinnitus – ringing in the ear

• Severe ear wax build up

You should never ignore these symptoms or attempt to remove severe ear wax yourself by pushing anything into your ear. The lining of the ear is extremely delicate and can be damaged very easily. You should seek professional advice from ear wax removal specialist and make an appointment with your GP or book an appointment to see us.

What happens at the appointment?

Our wax removal expert clinicians are fully trained in ear wax removal and follow the BSA (British Society of Audiology) practice guidance. The initial consultation will involve a visual assessment of both ears using the latest video otoscope technology. Any wax present would then be removed using microsuction which is a modern and gentle suction procedure. On occasions it may be necessary to also use a warm water irrigation treatment to complete the procedure, however, this would be discussed at the time. In most cases only one appointment is required for the full procedure, however, if the wax cannot be removed for any reason a follow up may be required and a small follow up charge will be applied.

Please note: Ear wax removal treatment for people over the age of 16 only.  However, if you would like any advice on severe ear wax, ear wax removal or other ear wax treatments,  please call us on 01442 389949.

How much will it cost?

The charge for ear wax removal consultation and full procedure is £80 per appointment.

This includes the treatment necessary for 1 or 2 ears.

If no wax is present or the procedure is not deemed necessary, there is a £25 consultation charge.

We recommend using olive oil (earol is available at any of our locations and most pharmacies) for 3-4 days prior to treatment.

* For cancellations within 24 hours or missed appointments you may be subject to a cancellation fee of £80.

Do you do home visits?

Yes, for those that are unable to get into the shop for a treatment we are able to offer a home visit for a fee of £130.


Microsuction is a procedure where gentle suction is used to remove troublesome or excessive ear wax. At Halo Hearing Solutions, microsuction is performed with a pair of operating microscopes commonly known as “loupes” which provides magnification for the specialist to see into your ear canal in detail. The CE marked suction unit is designed to remove fluids from the airway and respiratory support system and infectious materials from wounds.  It has been adapted for the use of aural microsuction.

We use suction wands that are sterile, with a new wand being used for every client, so the risk of infection is virtually nil. For these reasons, microsuction is considered to be one of the safest methods of removing wax.  

Other methods of ear wax removal are occasionally used if deemed necessary including dry wax removal using specialist equipment or bottle irrigation.  All this will be discussed with you during your visit and prior to any treatment being performed.