We offer a wide range of custom made hearing protection products which are designed specifically for different recreational and professional activities, custom fitted for you to ensure a perfect fit.  

You may be a keen shooter looking for the latest digital Cens protection which suppresses harmful noise while allowing speech . (Halo are an approved CENS partner)

Many of our customers are swimmers who find the colourful range of floating custom swim moulds perfect for ensuring dry ears are maintained whatever the conditions. 

Silence a snoring partner with our range of sleep moulds , perfect for a quiet night’s sleep anywhere. 

If music is your passion , enjoy the sounds without damaging your hearing using one of our filtered custom ear moulds which protect your hearing while delivering clear sound across all frequencies.

All of our custom products are created accurately using digital impressions produced using the latest in 3D scanning technology. The Otoscan ear scanner which offers cutting edge performance ensures a quick and accurate digital impression is taken every time which ensures the finished custom product will be a perfect fit .


HaloHS - 17 Cens2

• Suppress harmful gunshot noise
• Allows conversations
• Authorised CENS retailer
• Digital noise protection


• Keeps ears dry
• Prevents infections
• Protects perforated ear drums
• Float in water

Sleep Snore

• Soft silicone
• Ensures undisturbed sleep
• Blocks unwanted sounds
• Great for flying/travelling


• Enjoy sounds safely
• Available in 3 levels
• Protect from loud exposure