Custom Ear Molds

Custom ear moulds should only every be taken by a trained professional. They can be used for an ever-increasing number of purposes.

At Halo Hearing Solutions we use the very latest in personized hearing care – 3D digital ear scanning. A 3D digital ear scan ensure you get the best possible hearing aid solution. It’s easy and painless. Book a 30-minute appointment and we will scan the ear ready to send directly to the manufacturer for your custom hearing aid / moulds.


Custom Swim Plugs

These are particularly useful for people with perforated ear- drums or for those prone to ear infections. Keeping the ear dry is vital and custom-made earmolds provide secure protection.

Swim plugs are also recommended for holidays abroad where pool hygiene can be compromised. (PIC from current website – red and blue swim plugs)

Sleep plugs – Made from a soft, compliant, silicone material, sleep plugs are easy to wear for short or long periods of time. Popular with long haul flight passengers, night-shift workers, hotel guests and people living near busy roads, these snugly fitting devices ensure a great night’s sleep.  Make an appointment for a custom mold to be made and we will do the rest.

They are also invaluable if your partner snores!

Custom MP3 / Personal headphone ear pieces – If you want to enjoy the best listening experience from your MP3 player or smart phone, custom ear pieces are unbeatable.

Not only do custom ear molds prevent outside noise leaking in, they also prevent sound leaking out, making your music sound better than ever.

Available in a wide range of colours, ear molds can be further customized with different finishes.