Specialist custom made hearing protection is becoming ever more popular as awareness increases of the long-term hearing damage that can be sustained by exposure to loud noise.

Prevention is vital as there is no cure.

Hearing loss

Hearing loss is often the direct result of working in a noisy environment or from participating in hobbies such as motorsports or shooting.
Musicians, DJ’s and those working in the music industry such as engineers and producers are also aware of the risk of hearing damage caused by frequent practice and gigs. Hearing damage can affect the ability to play and perform and can have a huge impact on the longevity of careers. Whilst one-size fits all ear plugs are readily available, they are no substitute for hearing protectors which are custom made by taking an exact impression of your ears.(PIC3)
Halo Hearing Solutions offers a complete range of hearing protection products, using different types of passive filters that eradicate harmful frequencies and reduce overall sound. Each pair is custom made for the individual to ensure a perfect fit and the utmost comfort. 
We work in partnership with the best suppliers in the industry including PC Werth and Puretone and will happily talk you through the range of products available to ensure you make the right choice.
CENS digital hearing protection (used for shooting) is available through Halo Hearing Solutions as per prices on CENS website. Just book a half hour appointment for a scan or the ear and we’ll do the rest!  (PIC2)

Free Hearing Health Checks

It is essential that we provide a product and service that is second to none in the areas that we cover. Enquire to find out more.

The Very Latest Hearing Test Equipment

Devices that connect your hearing aids to your house phone, TV, remote microphone or even your tablet and mobile phone.

The Very Best Standard Of After-Care

If for any reason a product does not work for you then we will gladly swap it for a different supplier at no cost to you.