is their improved ability to communicate wirelessly with everyday technology that people take for granted.


Hearing aids can now connect to your TV and stream sounds in stereo directly through your hearing aids. No-one will ever complain your TV is too loud again!.

Mobile Phones

Hearing aids can connect to your mobile phone providing it has bluetooth. This means you can take a call with ease even in noisy restaurants. The best hearing systems will also allow you to hear the phone conversation in both ears and because they connect directly, there is no interference or ‘whistling’. You can even control your hearing aid, this includes increasing and decreasing the volume you hear, play music, and with some aids you can even control directionality of where you want your hearing aid to listen too (all available via a smart phone) it’s really not as complicated as it sounds, just pop in and all will be explained.

Landline Telephones

This wireless technology is also available for landlines. Crystal clear quality, no whistling, and stereo sound means all the problems previously experienced by hearing aid users with telephones are a thing of the past.

Remote Microphones and FM Streamers

This technology has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, whether you want to hear at a lecture, hear better in the car or just want to hear your partner more clearly then there is always a solution. Just let us know what situation you’re struggling with and we can find the solution for you.

Free Hearing Health Checks

It is essential that we provide a product and service that is second to none in the areas that we cover. Enquire to find out more.

The Very Latest Hearing Test Equipment

Devices that connect your hearing aids to your house phone, TV, remote microphone or even your tablet and mobile phone.

The Very Best Standard Of After-Care

If for any reason a product does not work for you then we will gladly swap it for a different supplier at no cost to you.